Monday, March 31, 2014


Okay, I totally never meant to be inconsistent when it came to blogging, but my excuse is that 1) I’ve been seeing friends off from Korea, and 2) my dear friend Anna (of Indieful Rok) was on holiday here in Seoul-- which means long nights/early mornings hanging out with her (and her million friends). It’s been an both intense, and wonderful experience. I'm writing an upcoming post on our time together, which includes stories about me slapping people while slightly intoxicated, and you guys learning how much I can actually drink (the answer? too much for a person my size)... and 3) Nana (aka platonic life partner) never got back to me with the proofed versions of the entries I sent her, hence the bigger delay (Love you Nana). 

But anyways, the last few weeks or so has been filled with “writer’s block”. 

I put that in quotes cause by no means do I consider myself a writer in any form. But hence, the delay with updating… I really am trying to be consistent, but it is so hard cause I feel like a huge seesaw of emotions when it comes to this project. So, this is me making a public promise to be more consistent, and to just move forward from now on. It’s all about accountability right? Someone should check me and hold me accountable for going through with this, cause I need the kick in the ass (aka motivation).

 Anyways, I went to see my hyung the other day — and before you guys ask or try to correct me and say something like, “Isn’t he your oppa?”... let's just say our friendship is an interesting one. He calls me his “brother” and likes to tell others this without hesitation. I don’t remember exactly how that all began— think it involved me having a pixie cut and hyung calling me ‘rude boy’, but it is what it is now and I enjoy our dynamic together.

We talked about filming a segment of “favorite things” and a mini interview/introduction to his café (you’ll for sure be seeing this goober on OPPA BLOG often) and were being our usual selves — banter, more banter, and even more banter. Our friendship grew a lot over the past one and a half years, and he's always been supportive of what I'm trying to do for this blog. Like when I first attempted to do OPPA BLOG, I went through a lot of trial and error, but I remember interviewing hyung way back then even though we weren’t really friends at that point. 

The interview consisted of us playing rock, paper, scissors, and winner got to pick a post-it, which consisted of a question (ranging from how he got started with his café to his favorite SNSD member). It was a bit awkward in that sense; we still spoke formally so there was a bit of a wall when it came to asking and answering questions. In general I feel like formal speech is just a huge wall, that if you can't climb over it you can never be really good friends with the person. So in the end the whole vibe during that first interview with hyung was just polite awkwardness. Even when I baited for possible elaborations with the short answers hyung was giving me, overall, it just didn’t feel comfortable. It’s nothing like how we are now, filled with banter and baiting one another. Although, this picture might say otherwise... 

I think that’s what I like about doing OPPA BLOG right now. Most of the people that will be featured on the site will be of at least, “not yet friends, but more than acquaintances” status. So it’s open and honest enough without it being… stale? Awkward? Basically, I’m hoping for a genuine vibe when it comes to interviewing these people whether it’d be about something like, “what was it like growing up in Korea?” to “name 4 idol members you would like to be in your bowling team?” I just want it all to be like two friends having a conversation... hopefully a conversation with snacks.

Also, I think these photos sums up my relationship with hyung pretty well...

If you haven't and would like to please check out OPPA BLOG on these SNS related sites via the contact page (I will probably post some exclusive stuff on certain outlets!).

All photos are my own.

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