Friday, May 16, 2014


So, I swear no more once a month updates, I just have had some unfortunate timing. My dad broke his knee while on one of his outdoor adventures then Sewol happened and I didn’t want to post anything out of respect. At the same time it’s been a whirlwind since my last update; Anna (of Indieful ROK) came and left, I’ve been drinking ridiculous amounts of milk tea while brainstorming, and been doing a lot of trial and error and making prototypes for OPPA BLOG. There isn’t much to say beyond that about what I've been up to, but there have been questions rolling through my head about certain logistic things about OPPA BLOG that I would love to get your thoughts on.

If I made a FAQ of sorts for OPPA BLOG, what questions would you like to see answered, what are some things would you want to know, etc.? Basically some points you think should be talked about and/or answered?

And, if I did a certain segment on OPPA BLOG (like Q&A) — would you guys want it in a consistent format (ex: just videos) or would you want/mind interchanging formats for things (ex: photos + text AND videos)?
 If I had people make a playlist would you like “liner notes”, with explanations as to why they chose said tracks?  
The one thing I am worried about with this is the amount of content I’d be recording/writing. I don’t mind doing the work behind all of that, but since you guys are reading it/watching it I’m interested in your input. Especially because I know some people can’t be bothered with long posts and videos and things like that. So, would you prefer just a few tracks being explained, if not at all?  

But with those questions out there now for you guys to answer and choose the fate of how this will go, I would look to hear your feedback on how I should approach this. Even on topics outside of the questions above -- if you have any input, thoughts about what you would want to learn about Korea from actual Koreans, or even just technical blog things, lay it on me (via comments below, email, etc).

And, so this entry isn’t all boring text, here’s what my life has been like lately via photos. 

 What my life has been like through instagram.

These is typically what's in my bag at all times when ever I go out to do OPPA BLOG related work. The pouch mostly has too many tubes of lipsticks, writing utensils, a surprising amount of chupa chups, rolls of film, mini to-do list, extra headphones, and misc junk. The journal on the left is a planner where I schedule things and map out things while the notebook on the right is my OPPA BLOG brainstorm/idea book of sorts.

On the left is the camera I have yet to figure out but am using it for most of the OPPA BLOG related content to come. On the right, my cameras which are all film-based minus the DSLR you saw on the left. I'm a huge fan of film and instant photography, which you'll be seeing a lot of on OPPA BLOG. 

My friend Hyang whom I've recruited because of her cute penmanship skills and sometimes sounding board (among the few other friends I bother) had a pseudo instax photo shoot of sorts after a day of making prototypes and brainstorming/planning out details for things.

If you haven't and would like to please check out OPPA BLOG or me on these SNS related sites via the contact page (I will probably post some exclusive stuff on certain outlets!).

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