Sunday, July 20, 2014


So, it’s been forever and a day… I could give you a million excuses on the lack of updates, I’ll keep it down to a select few: my cousin came from America and stayed with me for the month (this taught me I know nothing about 14 year olds and how their minds work even though I once was one), I’ve been working (actually, one of the things I’ve been doing is subbing for Ladies’ Code and their web series called, “Hashtag Talk”), and then life happened (I did go to Seoul Record Fair the other month, which was fun. It was my first time going and it was a wonderful Saturday afternoon spent going through crates of vinyl and CDs among many other things).

But honestly, a small part of it all has been crippling doubt/fear for this project...

Like my heart is in it, but I don’t know how I should go about this all at times? Am I even making any sense? I’m the type of person who would just sometimes rather not try at all, because the idea of failure freaks me out to such an extent. I'd rather just not try, so I don’t have to feel rejection or failure, instead of seeing what the positive possible outcome could be. And I know that’s horrible, and that it’s a habit I should try and break. I'm getting back into the grind of things and going to old and new places to get inspiration and motivation.  I just need motivation and a jolt of inspiration again… or at least I hope that’s all I need.

That being said, as an “I’m sorry” for the lack in updates, I want to do a giveaway for you guys!!!

To (hopefully) boost reader interaction and things, I think the theme of the giveaway will be, “My favorite things” and it’ll be like a care package featuring random things that I’ve been loving lately (from stationary, beauty stuff, random bits and bobs, and maybe even a CD?—it’ll be a surprise, that’s for sure!)

The rules are simple:

The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere around the world.
  • Must be following OPPABLOG on Twitter and like us on Facebook.
  • With the hashtag #OPPABLOGGiveaway tweet me what’s been some of your favorite things lately (it can be anything)
  • RT/Favorites won’t count as an extra entry.
  • Your twitter has to be public so I can see the @replies
  • Winner will be picked at random and contacted via DM on Twitter.
  • Extra entry: Instagram some of your favorite things at the moment with the hashtag #OPPABLOGGiveaway
The giveaway ends July 26th, 2014 (Saturday) 11PM PST

I might be doing a mini giveaway on Facebook too... so keep checking the OPPABLOG Facebook page in particular!

If you haven't and would like to please check out OPPA BLOG or me on these SNS related sites via the contact page (I will probably post some exclusive stuff on certain outlets!).

I hope you guys are having a great weekend! My platonic life partner Nana is coming to Korea on Tuesday, I’m sure she’ll be hassling/making me update/helping me do some stuff. So keep an eye out… I promise this time for reals, I’ll update more often.

Throwback to my EUROLAND ADVENTURES 2013 (Chamonix, France)