Hi, I'm Genie Joo, nice to meet you.

Twenty-something. (Basically born) Raised in (Northern) California. Currently residing in Seoul, South Korea. Music & Mustaches.

I like a lot of things and sometimes I even love a lot of things...

This blog chronicles the ups and downs of creating OPPA BLOG-- my attempt to understand Korea... the culture and its people, through oppas. Expect copious amounts of fake mustaches along the way.

The blog name actually comes from a conversation with my dear friend Trisha Kim who told me if I were to have my own Korean music talk show it would be called, "Genie's Notebook" much like "Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook" because of our similar awkward charm. But despite that, we'd still get the job done... let's hope she's right.

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